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May 27th, 2023 at Gahanna Sanctuary in Gahanna, Ohio

In keeping with my Daisy Jones + The Six, interview style journals… please enjoy Kate & Chasity’s love story!!

K: We think met a couple times in passing at parties. We had similar friend groups that slightly overlapped, but the we actually connected at a meeting for a student organization in college. 

C: Kate and I met in college. We had several mutual friends and we think we were probably at a few parties together before ever actually meeting at a OU Open Doors meeting. 

K: I invited Chasity to my college apartment to watch TV and hang out. She said 0 words and I left halfway through to pick up my friend from work. 

C:  It is hard to say but we watched 13 going on 30 in Kate’s apartment one day. Another time we went out to eat and Kate forgot her wallet  which she swears was an accident.

K: I got the ring, balloons, made a couple canvas signs that said “Will you marry me?”, then reached out to all of our friends to meet at OU Homecoming in 2012. I had them wait by the library in this little garden we used to meet up at. I walked Chas around the side of the library to see our friend waiting there and she didn’t want to go, because she thought something was going on and didn’t want to interrupt, but I was like, “No, I think it’s ok, it looks like our friends” so I got her to go over to them. Then I got down on my knee and basically said “please don’t be mad I made this big of a scene” over and over, then finally got out the right words of “will you marry me”.

C: Kate gathered all of our friends in the courtyard of the library one OU homecoming forever ago. She told me we were going for a walk and when I saw all of the people with balloons and signs from a distance I suggested we go a different route but she insisted we go check it out which I was very nervous about. When we got close I recognized our friends, read the sign, and Kate got on one knee and popped the question. We partied with all our friends the rest of the day.

K: The most memorable part of the day was the way our friends and family came together to take care of everything the whole day to make sure it was special for us. I’m an “it takes a village” kind of person and our village showed up 100%. And of course, how cute Chasity’s smile is all the time. 

C: It was super amazing to me how much all of our friends and family showed up to support us and all of the work that poured into that day to make sure that Kate and I had everything we wanted. Standing up there with the person you love and being surrounded by all of our people made my heart so full. 

Chasity + Kate


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May 27th, 2023 at Gahanna Sanctuary

Chasity + Kate


May 30

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"Ashley is amazing. We could not have asked for a more personable, professional, kind, hardworking, and fun photographer. We loved every part of the process of working with Ashely—from the meetings to the big day. Her work is phenomenal. She knows how to get the best photos while working well with the clients. I can not recommend Ashely enough. We plan to continue to use her for future photo sessions. "

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"I don’t even know where to begin with Ashley. She was more than a photographer for me on my wedding day. She was a coordinator, a real life anxiety cure, a hair dresser during pictures & the reception, company that I truly enjoyed for the day, and of course, a wonderful photographer as well. She was with us throughout the whole day with no rush to hurry through anything & always making sure we were okay and getting the pictures we wanted. Joe & I truly do not know what we would’ve done without her on our big day. If you’re getting married, you absolutely have to hire her."

"Company that I truly enjoyed for the day."

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"We cannot say enough wonderful things about Ashley and all she did for us for our big day as well as the days that led up to it. She is timely, organized, and goes above and beyond for her couples. She made us feel comfortable in front of the camera and was so efficient throughout the entire day. Ashley is professional while still making her couples feel like friends! We got a 10 photo preview on our WEDDING NIGHT- that was so incredible to have so soon. Thank you, Ashley! The day was perfect with you behind the lens!"

"The day was perfect with you behind the lens!"

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