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September 30th, 2023 at Family Home in Bucyrus, Ohio.

AR: How did you two meet?

K: We connected on the dating app “Hinge” which I downloaded shortly after being the third wheel for a 4th of July outing with our now married friends, Anna and Josh.

R: Well, as one of my best men said, I was out doing my thing, shopping around, but downloaded the dating app Hinge and came across Katie’s profile. I saw cats. I saw scrubs. I saw friends and laughing. I saw she was adventerous and loved to travel. I also saw how beautiful she was. These are in no particular order, haha.  We chatted, had great conversations. And we decided to meet. 

AR: What was your first date? 

K: Rylan picked Club 185 as a spot for our first date. His rule for dating was to never order food on a date unless you’re really interested in the person. Needless to say, we ordered mini corn dogs after several cocktails. 

R: Club 185 is and still is one of my favorite places to hang and eat. I figured the ambiance would be less stressful and more open to us talking and having a drink. We talked about the good, the bad, and the ugly of dates we had been on and things were going really well. We ate some food and I told her I was gonna kiss her later. Warned her and she still made it awkward. I immediately asked her out for the next night and she had another date and she cancelled and the rest is history. 

AR: How did your proposal happen?

K: Halloween is my favorite holiday, so Rylan decided to propose on this day. It was a Monday, I hadn’t washed my hair in days, I came in from the garage after running errands for a friend who was having surgery in the morning. Immediately, I noticed rose petals leading into the living room. He was down on one knee, ring in hand, surrounded by our cats who had no notice or care for what was happening. I said yes, obviously. 

R: Welp, I had quite a few ideas, but what I ultimately came up with that would be less stress on her as she startles easily and doesn’t like a lot of attention was to do it at home. Had rose petals from garage door to living room with two glasses of champagne and cats. Oh, a ring of course. She blacked out and didn’t hear anything I said, but said yes. I had our parents at local bar waiting to celebrate. 

AR: What do you remember most from your wedding day?

K: I remember feeling so overwhelmed with love. We choose to surround ourselves with quality humans and it showed on the wedding day. I had family helping with every detail, friends directing the setup, volunteers from the church I grew up in lighting candles,  and vendors who we all knew personally outside their occupation. We couldn’t have pulled together such a stunning event without them.

R:  I remember seeing how beautiful she was and thinking how lucky I am to have met her and marry her. Great friends and family and a night ill never forget.

Katie + Rylan


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September 30th, 2023 at Family Home in Bucyrus

Katie + Rylan


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"Ashley is amazing. We could not have asked for a more personable, professional, kind, hardworking, and fun photographer. We loved every part of the process of working with Ashely—from the meetings to the big day. Her work is phenomenal. She knows how to get the best photos while working well with the clients. I can not recommend Ashely enough. We plan to continue to use her for future photo sessions. "

" I dearly love every one of my couples, and I feel so grateful when they love me back!"

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"I don’t even know where to begin with Ashley. She was more than a photographer for me on my wedding day. She was a coordinator, a real life anxiety cure, a hair dresser during pictures & the reception, company that I truly enjoyed for the day, and of course, a wonderful photographer as well. She was with us throughout the whole day with no rush to hurry through anything & always making sure we were okay and getting the pictures we wanted. Joe & I truly do not know what we would’ve done without her on our big day. If you’re getting married, you absolutely have to hire her."

"Company that I truly enjoyed for the day."

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"We cannot say enough wonderful things about Ashley and all she did for us for our big day as well as the days that led up to it. She is timely, organized, and goes above and beyond for her couples. She made us feel comfortable in front of the camera and was so efficient throughout the entire day. Ashley is professional while still making her couples feel like friends! We got a 10 photo preview on our WEDDING NIGHT- that was so incredible to have so soon. Thank you, Ashley! The day was perfect with you behind the lens!"

"The day was perfect with you behind the lens!"

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